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Off Sourcing
Offsourcing (offshore + outsourcing) is a service provided by EeZee Solutions that allows international clients to take advantage of software development in our state-of-the-art development centers. We work with a clear focus on providing continuous value to our clients, recognizing the benefits and cost savings that an offshore-onsite model can bring. The fact that more than half of our revenue comes from such offshore-onsite arrangements is a reflection of our corporate focus and well-defined methodology for successfully executing an Offsourced arrangement.
Our clients have realized significant cost benefits by using our Offsourcing methodology, which uses a combination of both onsite and offshore teams. EeZee Solutions executes this mission from any of its software centers, with the onsite team complementing the offshore centre with project coordination.
Some of the advantages of the Offsourcing methodology are:
» Long-term, high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive service.
» Lower costs - a reduction of 40% in IT outlays.
» Dedicated to a single customer - includes process, project and people management.
» Customer-specific environment, processes, confidentiality and security norms.
» Customer-trained pool of engineers - knowledgebase retained.
» Shorten elapsed time due to time differences - significantly reduces the time to market for the customer.
» Enhances development capacity of customer, minimizes and substantially reduces risk.